Sad Day. :(

So after a restless night with the guinea pig managing to scratch himself red raw again. I tied his feet up once again, as one nail was poking through and hoped he was okay. But in arriving home, I gave him a good thorough examination, from where his original wound was to under his neck and front leg, he’s managed to rip all kinds of wounds into his skin, they’re all bleeding and flippin sore. He is so patient with me and he never once tried to bite me. 


I’ve spent the last 12 weeks trying to get this guine pig through being attacked by the other one. But the scratching is just making him worse and worse he won’t stop. He’s been the vets, he’s had medicine and creams, but nothing. Its like the worst case of exma you’ve ever seen, but he doesn’t know why he’s itching he just is… 


I’ve made the decision to put him to rest. And to let him not itch any more. 😦


Writing out the window for today. 




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