a script writing day :)

Today has been nice, got up and got the cleaning out of the way. Paul did the washing 🙂 


We then went to get him a new phone as his is on the verge of collapse, managed to sort it all out and I can upgrade mine only on the 16th, so have to go back to do it. But his phone is good. A Nokia n800 with 12mg camera. He’s moved to Orange as he’s got the phone he wants on a contract which isn’t costing him anything extra. O2 wanted another £6 a month, over 2 years that is a lot of cash £120+ so we’re all happy here. 


Weather is freezing, no snow like they kept on going on about, but that is good for me and the fish. I think it will be lethal on Monday driving though as it has done nothing but rain and temps are -1 


So for the rest of the day I’ve been working hard on my short script. Writing ten pages isn’t so bad, but when you are writing to someone elses needs and wants it gets a little tougher. I am at page 5, and getting into it now. So hope to get him the  first draft off by tomorrow. 🙂 


How come as usual everything comes at once, you hear nothing for months. Then all of a sudden there are several people after your work and your time.  Crazy isn’t it. 


I have another three projects waiting now. And reads to do, and more of my own re-writing to finish off. Yikes, I need to give up the day job… wish I could. 


But alas…..


I asked my dad if I could borrow his exercise bike. Paul went mad, he’s going to ring the surgery on Monday and complain. 😦 


I do feel crap about it though, and about myself at the moment. Maybe in a few days it won’t be so bad. We’ll see. 


Have a fab evening all. 


Back to more writing…. at least that keeps me going. 






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