Diving and Mums last day :(

Hey there, 


So last night was really good.


I put all my kit together with no problems and managed all the first part of the assessment without any problems. But, then  we had to do a mask removal and replace which I decided to choke down a load of water with. I got the mask back on and continued to breath okay, but was coughing. Not so good 2 meters under water, so we came up. I still did well though. And everything is signed up for now. 


All I need to do is some open water diving as part of my training. Far too cold out there just yet, even my main pond is only at 6 degrees… yikes. 


In other news, mum had her last day with me today. Pretty sad really, it was a rushed day, because of road works and other things, but we chatted and laughed most of the day. Only getting tired of it towards home time. I can’t complain about that. I’m in on my own tomorrow now 😦 sad… going to miss  chatting to her on the way into work and on the way home. 


Just hoping she can find another more sutible job. It looks pretty bleak out there. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. 


Weather is really cold, my fish hate it, I hate it…. even my cat won’t go out anymore, she hides any where she can to try and avoid being kicked out at night. Lucky for her, she just goes into the other part of the house, as my mum in the granny flat has a cat flap. So my cat goes to sleep with my mums cat. Nice hey, we’ll you’d think so, but all they do is ‘hiss’ at each other lol… 


I am going to sit back and relax now. Need to chill out after a busy night, and need to get warm…. brrrr 


Heading over to Talentville to check out what’s been going on there today. With a bit of luck I might have had a script review or two… can hope can’t I. 






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