Great day :)

So after a couple of rough days there is always something which makes it all better. 🙂 Some good news in the pipeline which I might be able to chat about one day. Fingers crossed of course. Everything has to be crossed for some of these. I am hoping that this year will be a really good one. 


Mum’s last day at work tomorrow and they’re letting her come out with me, which will give has an easier last day anyway, and me someone to chat to for a while, I’ll probably bore her to death by the end of the day lol… Oh well. 


Tonight I’m off out swimming, well for the rest of my diving pool training. I am going to get it all signed off tonight, so hopefully the next time I post about diving I’ll actually be in a proper place…  and not a swimming pool. 


Don’t get me wrong I like the pool sessions they’re safe, but how am I ever going to know if I like it for real unless I get in proper water…. where there is no bottom. scaring myself now… 


Looking for a new phone upgrade, if anyone has any recommendations? Please let me know. I have a HTC desire, and would like something similar which can do everything online and on the go. I use my phone a lot. I’m also selling mine, or re-homing it to my other half, that is if he can use it. 


Best go and chill  out for a bit. Will let you know how the diving goes tomorrow. 🙂


Night all. 



3 comments on “Great day :)

  1. Glad things are looking better today and fingers crossed on your project. Hope you have a great day with mum tomorrow I know how close mother and daughters are and how you enjoy time with yours. Proud of your accomplishments with the diving and I am sure you will do great in the open seas.
    As for your phone not sure if you are looking at android or what platform I have friends that have the new samsung not sure the model they are happy but for me it is apple all the way they say once you have had apple no looking back LOL that is the case for me. I buy my phones unlocked that way when I travel I can just pop in a new sim card and away I go. Its all a personal choice there is great ones out there I would say go to the shop and play about with them and see what one fits your needs and fancies you the best.
    Have a great night Hun xxxxxxx

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