I remember this….. :(

Dear all…


I do remember feeling like this from 2006-07 and I remember what it did to me.


Words in my head are not good at the moment. Words are unrepeatable. The whole ‘death’ thing and stress I just can’t seem to cope well at all with. Really really not well at all.


Work is not helping. And that isn’t because I don’t enjoy it. I love my customers and the guys in the job aren’t too bad. They make the day bearable. But it’s the FOOD!!!!


I want to literally squark my eyes out. I ate the middle part of a cheese and onion pie and my inner voice is really screaming at me. I had a cup of coffee and I’ve since been sick. I’ve not been sick because I’ve felt so bad for 4 years!




I just want to hide away and that isn’t going to do me any good. I was getting over the January blues and feeling crap. But now. I feel worse.


Sorry that’s all I have to say for today. I’ll keep posting and trying to work through it but at the moment. I’m not good.


D x x

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