General 🙂


Today I have to wait in for the sky man. Our dish broke so it needs fixing properly. 🙂 So having done all my running about yesterday I have the full day to edit, read, and relax. We’re also going out later to my dads. Which will be nice. 


I’ve not posted too much this week because I’ve felt personally drained. And it’s just been one of those really bad weeks which I’d sooner forget about. 


There is no chance of me getting the 12th off work for my Uncles funeral. So I also have to deal with that. One of the biggest problems in working for a small firm is there is no cover. Shame, really. Just fingers crossed I can turn this crappy blip around and get back to something normal. Sleep and food just went right out the window. 😦 


A break is a nice thing though and with the other half having lots of overtime I’ve finally been able to get some of the things we’ve been lacking of over the last month. With some luck this is a good sign and it looks like he might be working full time again soon. 


I don’t begrudge him anything. He’s worked so hard in all the years I’ve known him. But when a job becomes more than a job and something you are just doing because you’re forced too it really is time to move. Fate has played some pretty crappy jokes on us in the last 4 years. It’s also given us a good couple of ‘get’ out clauses too and I think that they were for the best. 






Well temps have been so low recently my heater is going ten fold on the main pond to attempt to keep it warm. I don’t think this winter is doing any of our koi any favours. 


We’ve also turned the heater back on the baby tank to see if the ‘cooking’ episode was indeed a one off. It seems to be working as normal now. ummmm I’m puzzled by this even more so with recent ‘things’ going on around here. But, lets leave that, at that. 


I did treat the baby tank with blanket weed killer yesterday. Holmeswood have lots of new products in. Which I’ll try… 🙂 So I have no doubt that it’s dying off now. At least the babies will have free movment in few days. It’s like 6ft long in there… and I have no doubts it will block everything up again, so will have to keep an eye on it. 


They had some lovely new koi in the shop… A cracking little Tancho Doitsu something… and he’s also got some big Hajiro 🙂 They’re amazing. And they look just like my nisai 🙂 hopefully mine will get much bigger soon. I want them to grow more. They’ll be going in the big pond in the next month. 






Waiting on some reviews to come in at the end of this month. Then I can think about things and move forward. Editing is going well to be fair. I’m pleased with my own progress either way. So onwards with the day. 


Have a good one. And speak soon. 



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