A grin day :) and writing day

Hello all. 

Today I went out really early with mum to catch a little bit of shopping and then to get my new phone.


I am happy to say I went for the Samsung Galaxy S2 in the end, big deliberation over which to pick though. But, everyone said that it was this one, or an iphone and I wasn’t going to pay that sort of price per month for a phone so I got the S2 a lot cheaper. 🙂 bonus.


I  got all my jobs done and then off to work, reading both these two scripts (took a while) but  I’ll be working on and then so I emailed both parties with different questions. I’ve also penned note and things so we’ll see what the answers are before I move on and start doing things. 🙂 


I am excited though, 


Off to chill for a few hours now, good evening to all. 



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