Great news

Hey there,


So this might just be a bit of a post. I know I’ve been hiding in the bottom of a cupboard somewhere, but I haven’t really. Had a good few things to get out of the way and they’re done, well at least for a few days. 🙂


I got two lots of fab news today, but I can’t really say anything just yet. So I am going to have to be all excited all by myself. Crap hey, but possible. I am sure there are happy people out there for me, just because I am happy.


Not so much other news really. Work is just that, work. Very very slow week, so many people are off with the kids being on their half term break and yesterday even more were off due to Valantines day… It was my worst ever day since starting at the company. And I really mean bad.


But I can’t force people out their office doors to buy food off me, I just have to hope it will pick up, I think it will, I do.


Still  haven’t decided on a new phone yet. Going on Sat with my mum to pick one and then sign up for it all. Need something with a little more power, but I am not prepared to buy or pay anything extra for an iphone, when there are others just as good and a lot cheaper.


Will post details and stuff when things are more settled.


Thanks for stopping by.



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