Hey all,

So big boy was feeding this morning, he was asleep under the shelf and has pinched my Big Chagoi’s spot :)when I came home though he was sulking on the bottom, he soon came over for food though and ate a lot. I watched him for about 30 mins, he flicked once. Tonight he’s sulking a little bit, but then swims about, goes back to sulking.

His behaviour isn’t as bad as it was. Actually I’ve been reading up on introducing new koi and the facts that if they’re in a bag for long periods of time it actually lowers the ph, so adding pond water to the bag isn’t a good idea, or putting them in a bowl of water from the pond. I might have done more damage by doing that, thinking I’d be helping acclimate them. But putting them right in the pond would have done the same really with ph shock.

Will keep learning and reporting in. :) I still think he’s doing much better.


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