Ok,  so here are a few pics of our new additions.

Got home in just over 4 and a half hours which was really good going, didn’t hit any traffic. The Koi were calm and seemed only slightly stressed, the female more than the male.

So we introduced them slowly, but the female freaked out right away and tried to escape the pond. The male settled in nosed all the other fish and then had a freak out for about 40 mins. He kept coming up for extra air…

Now that he has stopped doing it, and is more interested in chasing the pregnant female… she has started to bob up to the surface.

I’m sure they will settle in totally soon… just nerve racking watching them stress out.



he male before we brought him home. And some of the male and female in our bowl. Not big enough though as the male couldn’t stretch out properly.

Will try and get pics when they settle down and are feeding with the others.


Not brill  pics I know, but, oh well….