Did a good clean yesterday and topped up the pond, prob about 15% fresh water, because of the leak. Added a litre and a half of Sansai and added a double dose to their food. Uv off for 24 hours. The Big male, is interested in food, and seems to be swimming better. He does still sit on the shelf clamp finned now and then, (last night) but this morning… very interested in food. His redness has gone down and he ate as well. I think things are improving. Just wish I could get to the bottom of his flicking. ( I can only put it down to the change in ph) he must not like it at all in the evening. So first job tomorrow when I get paid is some new gh test kits and to check to see if I need to buffer the water anymore. Ours has been known to drop from 10 -4 so we’ll see.

Keep you posted as he settles in more. As for the pregnant female. Shes getting chased something wicked by the big male and two of our other males… Think shell be exhausted after spawning. Poor thing.


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