So Friday and this is how things are.

Male is still pinkish with red bits. He has a few good cuts, but they are healing well. Female seems fine although she settles on the bottom now and then, not clamp finned or anything. I am just putting this down to her sheer size, she is massive… first to the food and still comes near me for more when the others are chasing gown each other to fight… She actually even feeds from my hand already¬†:)

So will keep doing as I am doin…

Another MASSIVE bonus, the little carp pox ridden fish that we were thinking of getting rid of, well its almost all gone!! he is back to being black with just a hint of what was there. I am going to try for some more pics or even a vid of them all this weekend.

Pond still has its leak… although I think the water changes every day are actually doing it some good. Save for having to top up with sansai….

Oh well, speak laters. :)


By kanundra Posted in Koi


Yeah I dont like this day much. After thinking things were improving, I actually don’t think they are. I can’t understand why the fish is still flicking. Water changes are every day, all water tests show nothing! But today he’s managed to pull off two big scales and he looks bad. I’m cleaning the qt out hoping it will run just under where the crack is. And if he’s still like this tomorrow, I think the best thing would be to put him in there on his own for a bit and add salt. At least it might ease his stress and help his wounds heal. He is still eating, but when I fed them today he started flicking right away and then decided to try and launch himself out the water. Something in there he just really doesn’t like. And I can’t work out what it is.

I just don’t know what else to do. If my pond expert says there are no parasites in there, then what has happened to make this one fish go bonkers?

Lost soul at the moment.