Well both still in the pond. Although the female seems more settled than the male. I gave them a bit of food and it took a while for him to come over, but I think they both ate.

They’re still a little too attached to the inlet pipe. Although never noticed any head bobbing this morning. So that is good. Might just leave the waterfall off and the heater on for a couple of days and see how they cope when I can watch them again.

Just going back out to clean it, dirty after the weekend and you can’t clean a nexus so well when there isn’t enough water in the pond.

Fingers crossed today while in work… and I’ll watch them again later when I get in. :)


So good so far… both ate this afternoon and seem much more settled.

Think I def had a parasite in there though, fingers crossed the blighter is gone… If it isn’t I can only hope it isn’t flukes again… Trich or Flukes, all I ever get. :(

Mother ghosty has a bright red side, some sores I think. Will keep a very close eye on them for a few days. Make sure the nasty has gone… and the others settle better.

Planning at the moment for the big up-route… at the end of this month and beginning of next. Will give us time to organise the vats and to be able to have anything I might need to hand. zeolite, nitrite remover anything… dechlorinator in case I have to pump out and refill with fresh from the mains…

You’d think there was an easy way of finding a leak… nope.

Speak soon.


There will be lots to use the saw for…. like boxing in vats, he’s come up with a whole new plan now.

Koi female still gasping now and then for extra air, but I think there is a heck of a lot of frisky business going on in there, the males are really chasing my three mature gilrs. One now has marks all down her side. Will keep an eye on them for a few days, as the treatment fades off completly and to see if there is no parasites still in there. No others gasping for air, but they do swim up stream in the inlet now and then. Think they just like the current. :)

Might take a while, but all will work out, I’m sure. Everything crossed :)


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