Killing a sick fish, humanly. (sp)

I have looked over the internet and there is a lot of nasty stuff out there! Put it in the freezer! give it vodka….

I think the best sounds like Clove oil. Although some say hitting it over the head, or using a knife is quicker.

I took my old poor shabumkin out the pond. He’s been sick for around a month now. Just stopped eating at first. I put him in qt with his mate and salted it, (qt got a bad leak) so they both went back in the main pond. He did seem to pick up, he wants to eat. But can’t. The other fish are picking on him something wicked, so after he’d been chased around all the time I was watching this morning. I thought best to catch him again.

Looking at him properly now, he’s lost most of his tale. There is a nasty wound which is infected and has fungus on it. Underneath him is the worst though, looks like he’s been eaten alive.

I think the best thing is to stop his suffering. Although I’m not sure I could do it. Have to ask the other half when he gets home.

Does having one really sick fish in the pond affect the others? I guess I’ll know soon enough if there is a bug in there. I just wonder though if it is down to water quality as it slipped while we’ve been away for a couple of weekends.

I just feel really sad and upset at the moment. We’ve had the shabumkins ten years. He’s survived living in a 50g pond for 7 and then he moved to a 5k g I just hope he’s had a happy life :cry:


I am sad to say the fish is dead. It was almost dead when Paul came home at dinner. :(

Hope the pond guy comes soon. need to know what if anything I am fighting. Noticed some fin rot on my shusui today :( although the water quality is improving, ie blanket weed and fungal growing on the other fish.

Just pray that it all works out.

:( :(


This little fighter was a true fighter. He my other shabumkin, my pirrachini, my ghosty, grass carp and butterfly carp all survived the monster freeze in 2005 where the waterfall became a frozen fountain. Leaving all fish in a 2 inch supply of water. Paul chucked in fresh water, and everything was okay. I am surprised none of them died. But they lived. The other shabumkin doesn’t look too happy his mate isn’t there. he’s now swimming on his own. Other fish, some still flicking, but the pond is topped up and almost full now. New fish don’t surface anymore for extra air, but they still flick now and then.

Just sad that this little one didn’t live. Time for a brandy, take away and to chill out. Been a long and hard day.


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