Thank you to you both. I have some nitrite out stuff, and have used it. But my level is still 1.0 :twisted: I have done another major water drop and am just hoping for the best. Haven’t given any food today, and won’t tomorrow until it drops.

I have put up a picture here to see if anyone recognises what is actually wrong with my koi. Her swelling has gone down a bit. But the left hand side is still a lot more massive than it should be. Is this for some reason. Infection? Liver problems? I just don’t know I would like to know more about it, and perhaps why the swell up, is it like water retention?

The second picture is of my chagoi, with the furry face, you can just make out the grey blobs? Again any thought?

Anyway they all are pretty active so still keeping my fingers crossed for them.


It is always the way, I am dropping water to clear up the nitrite and adding the right bacteria stuff. There is nothing I can do at this time of night, I can’t buy stuff from somewhere that isn’t open. Or when I don’t have a credit card.

I know my fish are stressed, but I am trying my best to reduce it. Speak soon.


Oh and just at the right time, my ph testing kit has run out. Everything always happens at once doesn’t it . Damned.



By kanundra Posted in Koi

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