Trichodina again!

I am a little peeved with this paticular bug, it never leaves us alone !Had our local guy out to do a scrape on one of our fish who started acting off colour yesterday, she was skulking on the bottom of the pond. Her belly is all swollen this morning and so is her bottom. She was riddled with trich.I am treating the pond with pp, it worked last time but is just an awful thing to throw in. I don’t like using it at all!!!I am treating for 4500 gal. which could just be a little short of what ours is. But when ever I treated for it before with other things i doesed at that.

Let you know how I get on.

Keep your fingers crossed for us all. I hope she makes it. Or we might lose one of our best fish. !!


I am struggling to keep this water PINK !!!!This is the second dose and its gone brown and crappy looking already. I didn’t know I had so much stuff still alive in there after killing it all off last week. I think I will have to chuck a third one in before 3 at this rate.Not looking good guys, any ideas?————————-

Thanks, I daren’t let this one escape notice for too long. So I had to let the stuff into the filter, plus that runs one of my oxygen sources the waterfall, so I didn’t really want to turn it off.I have a lot of brown scum floating now. So I think with this next dose it should be ok. Fingers crossed. Am mixing it per instructions now.Will let you know if it stays pink… and for how long.———————————–

Thanks to everyone.Its not been an easy day at all. I hate using this stuff but if its one of the best thing that works then thats all I can do.Nope it is still pink, I added de chlorinator to a glass to see if it changed colour, as it is hard to tell. Its ok its pink. Fingers crossed for this one guys.:) and pray.

I think I will have to do it again probably after 2 days, to get 8 hours of pink water, nothing is touching it at the moment, and I think my fish have had enough for one day. Especially the sturgeon, they never liked it last time, but they survived.

Fingers crossed.


Thanks all. :) your support is amazing in times of need. I really appreciate it.

Well my female sturgeon has been floating, upside down gasping for air, but with a little guidance she has now gone back below. Unfortunately the ph is about to change, already seen two fish flash. So its not going to be an easy night for them. Fingers crossed they are all still here in the morning. We took out the four plants we had in there, as I know they will eat the oxygen in the night time. So hopefully everything will be ok.

I am going to stay up late, as the extra pump we have going keeps going off. Its been a long day, but I love my fish, all of them, and don’t want any to suffer.


By kanundra Posted in Koi

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