So last night I went out to my friend Beata’s birthday party, yes there was food there, and I did ok, I had a little to eat, and didn’t make a huge thing about it.

Polish food is great though, they make so many good things from scratch, like your mum used to, and its really good food.

I wouldn’t know what to call the things but they were just nice.

John and Beata didn’t want us to leave, but at 1am I was tired and hadn’t had a drink, because I was driving, so it was a little weird as everyone else is drunk you know, you’re not on the same wave length are you.

Oh well, it was good to get out for a bit, so now am sat in my pyjamas and waiting to pack my stuff for the hospital tomorrow, I don’t want to go, but I know I have a lot to sort out.

Take care my friends.

Dawn xx

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