Monday went ok, went to stay with my Nanon Sunday and went to the hospital; there were five people who couldn’t make it, so it only left three of us.

It was a quiet day, I got to know Pam a bit more and she is such a sweet heart.

My session with Zoë, in the morning, CBT therapist went ok, we talked for quite a while, and it was really good. We have an exercise to do now at home, on core beliefs. So am thinking hard about that.

Then we had the dietician, and we learned all about the body’s metabolism and how it works, or rather in our case doesn’t work when we stop eating and it begins to eat other parts of the body.

It was actually quite scary, and very interesting, and I learned a lot, in how my body is reacting now, to the regimental way of food.

I was weighed and my weight hasn’t changed a bit, which has scared me, because ED keeps saying that I am getting bigger, and the evidence is I am not, and I don’t believe it.

It’s really weird.

I had my first session with Shirley and we talked a lot about what she can help me with, and what I want to get out of it.

She asked me to start from the beginning and tell her a bit of my life story. Where did I begin, oh no, well long story, am going to have to do some typing.

Not at the moment though, maybe later… Am exhausted.

Speak soon, Dawn xx