Tomorrow is friday,

🙂  I cant wait am so excited, and not nervous at all, i am gonna spoil you rotten, lol

You both deserve a break and thats what I want to give you, no pressure nothing but love and me thinks you wont want to go home, but thats goo,

You will both be welcome anytime,

I know you nervous, but dont be, i am nice and kind and I will only be my normal self, have a good sleep, and I will talk to you both later…. n c u tomorrow, yey 🙂   🙂

Love and hugs







Well I met louise, and she is lovely bubbly friendly and so so nice, am def glad I met her, the day started very early for me up at 630 in my nans spring cleaning there as well as having done my own yesterday, oh well,


I was freezing on the motor bike this morning, but coped ok considering I had so much stuff to take with me, ummm big rucksac, umm not good on sore back from cleaning, lol


I did have a really wonderful day busy but nice bought myself a unicorn lol he is beautiful, umm shouldnt have done but oh well i am a suker for them,


Louise took a picture so I have no doubts it will be posted later for you all to see, please excuse the messy hair and funny clothes it was freezing,


Anyways ed did follow me around all day and I felt a bit feint this morning, so had to get something to eat but couldnt eat it, just managed a little something but is not good, I hate the way its making me feel at the moment, but oh well

Take care and talk soon love you all,





Umm just an update on me everyone as havent been doing very well,  ed is lurking in the background something wicked and havent had a good week at all,

My friend ron who paul goes to play snooker with had a heart attack yesterday,

umm, so was up last night crying, umm

One goes in one dies, another goes in and dies, my nan goes in has major op comes out then another one goes in, ummm, me not happy,

Love and hugs





heheheh well I was so so tired last night couldnt come on here, I had been up since 330 and had a long and wonderful day,


Meeting Bex was amazing, she is an absoloute star, at first I think I did most of the talking but i broke the ice so to speak,


A funny story I must say is this, I got to the train station and needed the toilet so on finding them realised they were locked, and I then got on the train when it arrived, I did not know there would be a toilet on the train, and waited 2 hours to get to leeds before I had to go, poor Bex, we met in wh smiths and I ran off to find the loo, I was bursting, didnt even get to give her a hug. awwwww but she did get a good one when we got to a coffee shop.


Bex I had the most wonderful day and I hope it was as good for you as it was for me,


You are a very special and beautiful inside and out, and I love ya more now than ever, and I really consider you my sister now, I am stuck to you like glue from now on.


I cant wait to see you again.


The whole day was wonderful and I cried a little on the train on the way home, I so wanted to stay with you, and it seemed to go really quickly,


We both did amazing yesterday managing lunch together, and I am so so proud of us both.

Love you hun and I hope to speak to you very soon


Dawn xxxxxx




Umm awake at 330, and umm cant sleep wonder why, lol cause I will be off to see Bex soon, its not that I am nervous honestly just had some horrible nightmares about getting lost and not being able to find her, oh well, I know I wont get lost but umm am not so sure about some of the other stuff, as some of it was rather funny, anyways dont you worry I am taking my camera with me and will get some photos, even if they are of me getting lost,


I just wanted to say a big huge thankyou for everyone here, I cant name you all as there are so many of us now, but each and everyone of you has helped me in some way or another,

It has been 3 months without purging, and I have amazed myself, as not only am I maintaining a weight I am okish with but I am eating better than I ever have and feeling more positive for my future, so many things are going right at the moment I keep waiting for them to all crumble again, but I hope that they wont,


I am stronger than I ever have been, and that is all down to you impressivly loving and caring ladies/gents here. Through all our suffering we have come together to become strong with each other and keep on fighting, there is happiness out there, for all of us I believe it with all my heart.


It may take us different amounts of time to get there but I know that we can, within ourselves is something we dont have to be scared of, something we can love, our natural beautiful selves, and one day I hope we all reach our goals, no matter how long it takes me through struggles and good times, I will be here for you all, I love YOU ALl, and nothing is ever going to stop that, and I will always be around.


Sometimes its so hard for us to find a reason to go on, the pain inside is too much and we cant see a way out, this site for me has been a way out, and with each of you by my side, the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter,


Please believe we can do this, never give in, and if bad times are taking its toll come here, and tell us, let the pain out instead of keeping it inside where it festers into more.


Thankyou all so so so so much, think I will leave you now, umm lots more stuff to do, am leaving for train station in about umm 40 mins, oops, and want a nice cup of tea first.

Love you