Well I met louise, and she is lovely bubbly friendly and so so nice, am def glad I met her, the day started very early for me up at 630 in my nans spring cleaning there as well as having done my own yesterday, oh well,


I was freezing on the motor bike this morning, but coped ok considering I had so much stuff to take with me, ummm big rucksac, umm not good on sore back from cleaning, lol


I did have a really wonderful day busy but nice bought myself a unicorn lol he is beautiful, umm shouldnt have done but oh well i am a suker for them,


Louise took a picture so I have no doubts it will be posted later for you all to see, please excuse the messy hair and funny clothes it was freezing,


Anyways ed did follow me around all day and I felt a bit feint this morning, so had to get something to eat but couldnt eat it, just managed a little something but is not good, I hate the way its making me feel at the moment, but oh well

Take care and talk soon love you all,




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