Hello everyone, I just wanted to post this as I know sometimes things dont go to plan,

It is lovely to want to meet up with people on the internet and coming on sites like this to help us all heal on the inside is great, and life long friendships and great bonds are formed.

I myself have met some people I have made friends with on another site, which was wonderful but I wanted to warn everyone as sometimes people are wrong.


I want everyone to be careful about getting too involved and to follow some simple internet rules,


1, always make sure someone knows where and how and who you are going to meet.

2. talk over the phone before you do meet, make sure parents and or partners know your schedule.

3.Meet in a public place and take a mobile phone with you, so if anything looks wrong, you can call someone straight away.

4. If someone else approaches you on behalf of your friend, walk away.


Please do not arrange to meet anyone if you have no intentions of keeping these promises, I know it sometime might not be possible to keep a promise, but remenber everyone here and on other sites are human, and some go to extreme lengths to travel to meet people.


If you cant make it ring and explain why, i know sometimes things come up, family stuff, but dont let anyone down with out good reason this is not only unfair but can be dangerous for the person you have arranged to meet, being stuck in a city or town they dont know.


Imagine if you were put in this situation, lost alone, and scared, not good.


Please everyone be aware of others feelings, we have all been through a lot, and are struggling with stuff on the inside, we all want love and support, we dont need letting down,.


Thankyou for listening,


Love and hugs