Look deep into my mirror this is what you’ll see,
This cheap and awful ugly thing looking back at thee.

I am the alter ego wanting to be set free,
Locked inside, forever this alternate reality.

But there in the corner is a tiny crack, and chip away forever if I must
I will bring you back

The mirror is a doorway where we can merge
No longer will we wake tired and on the verge

A lasting friendship is all we need
Hold hands to bring out the sunshine and fulfil our dreams

It’s not much to want good to come our way

But looking in the mirror you just don’t see

This beautiful girl a waiting patiently.

Dawn Chapman 4th October 2004.


I looked into the mirror this morning, and what did I see?
A beautiful girl looking back at me.

I have to look twice, to see that it’s me.
But the inner child cries still, it is not me.

I have to nurture her and coax her to stop crying,
Tell her to look again, for a third time she will see,

There really is a beautiful girl looking back at me.

Dawn Chapman 4st October 2004

By kanundra Posted in poem



Think of all the good you can achieve,

It would make sense if only you believed,

This inner pain I know you want to scream and shout

it really would do you good to just let it out.

The hurt sometimes inside of you is too much for you to bare,

All you want is to end it all, you dont care,

All  you need to do hunnie, is hold out your hand

I will take it and guide you to that far off land.

You really dont have to sink by yourself any more,

I am here to hold your hand and comfort you for sure

I am thinking again of all the good and brilliance you really can achieve,

Come on hunnie,  please you must believe,

copyright Dawn Chapman, 4th October 2004.