heheheh well I was so so tired last night couldnt come on here, I had been up since 330 and had a long and wonderful day,


Meeting Bex was amazing, she is an absoloute star, at first I think I did most of the talking but i broke the ice so to speak,


A funny story I must say is this, I got to the train station and needed the toilet so on finding them realised they were locked, and I then got on the train when it arrived, I did not know there would be a toilet on the train, and waited 2 hours to get to leeds before I had to go, poor Bex, we met in wh smiths and I ran off to find the loo, I was bursting, didnt even get to give her a hug. awwwww but she did get a good one when we got to a coffee shop.


Bex I had the most wonderful day and I hope it was as good for you as it was for me,


You are a very special and beautiful inside and out, and I love ya more now than ever, and I really consider you my sister now, I am stuck to you like glue from now on.


I cant wait to see you again.


The whole day was wonderful and I cried a little on the train on the way home, I so wanted to stay with you, and it seemed to go really quickly,


We both did amazing yesterday managing lunch together, and I am so so proud of us both.

Love you hun and I hope to speak to you very soon


Dawn xxxxxx