The thoughts and feelings going on inside your brain,
I know are driving you insane,
But no matter how hurt you are,
To me you are a bright gold star,

All I want is for you to keep shining,
Even though you feel like dying

Know this pain will go away
And you will be free someday

For I am around you in thought,
To help you when your spirits caught,

To break those chains of torment
Smash up those huge shoes of cement

No longer will you drown
Rise up, breathe in life, do not frown

Life is precious and so are you, no longer can you feel blue,
Because you have me, and our friendship is true.

Dawn Chapman October 2004

By kanundra Posted in poem


Hi everyone, this is just to let you know why I havent been on all week, I havent been well, full of cold and its been a tough week, ed is still lurking in the back ground but am doing my best to ignore him, I been in bed pretty early every night but have managed to go to work.

Anyways am off to bed now, as am so so tired, and if I want to stay up late need a kip now,

I love you all loads, n loads, catch you very soon.

love and huggies