Better day :)

Well today was much better than I thought it was going to be. Still not much sleep even though I went to bed early. It was gone 12pm when hubby came to bed, and then again I had to get up for pain killers, so was awake for a good while. 


The baby tank, our Qt hasn’t been looked at by me for a couple of days, and I was keeping a good eye on them till I broke my elbow. So going out there today I noticed a couple of red spots on two of my whiter fish. So there was me, my big pan net, and a floating net trying to catch them one handed. Lucky enough they weren’t too difficult. That wasn’t a good sign either. 


Scraped one, near where the sore was, and put it under the scope. No wonder they were sore. Skin flukes. Geeze. So only treatment I had was fluke M so in it went. 


Fingers crossed they’ll feel better soon and will be okay. Will keep you posted. 


As for everything else, well spoke to the solicitor about the accident I had. It went well, totally honest with her, we’ll see what happens. I just don’t want anyone else to go through this so it’s not nice. 


I’ve managed a little editing today, more than I have the last week. So, I’m happier in that sense. 


Couldn’t get a docs appointment, so I’ll try again tomorrow. I did however walk into the village and buy some veg soup. So I felt better doing that. Will try and aim to do it every day, then I might not panic over weight gain. Just still need to be careful. 


Pain, bearable this afternoon. Fingers crossed it is starting to heal. 🙂 


D x x

Where is the week going already?

I sort of think the week is dragging a little, but then I think well two days ago was Sunday and I was writing all day. 


Wow, sometimes it does go so fast. 


Monday was much easier in work than today has been. When the van’s day is slow, I’ve got more time to think about the food that’s on it. And it’s so easy to forget and just pick something up to eat. Hard to resist. 


However, I did try some of one of our new dishes. Half a Beef and Blackbean wrap. Very nice indeed… I had to include it on my snack list and not indulge on anything else. 


Writing wise, things went very well over the weekend. I’ve got more to do, but it’s getting better. Having a computer that ‘works’ is just amazing. No crashing, nothing. Perfect. 


Onwards to the weekend. We’ve got a week off, and we’re away to Swanley to a big Koi show. 


Kinda scared to leave my mum in charge of Bobby, as she doesn’t really like birds. But I’m sure she will be fine… eeek… I’ll still fret, he’s my baby. 



Talking about my Eating Disorder and current issues.

It’s been a real while since I’ve sort of really wanted to chat about some things. 

Well, for those on my list who might be triggered, please look away. 

Over the 4 years, since I’ve been in recovery. I left Cheadle Royal with a new purpose in life, to really try and enjoy me. And not to let food or things rule my head. And for the most part I have. I’ve not let the ‘weight’ worry me too much. A few people upset me along the way, but I tried not to let ED back in big time. 

This last year’s been really tough, with everything that has been going on. But I’ve taken it in my stride. I wanted to be me. Not be ED. 

After continually worrying over my weight issue, and with work not helping. I drive a wonderful delivery van. But, it’s a food van. And temptation to ‘eat’ is always there. 

Chatting to a few customers this last month about diet etc, triggered me to want to find a solution that would keep me healthy and not let ED back in my hand running havoc. 

I’ve chosen to use this particular diet. Where for most of the working week. My intake is mostly liquids. This will help keep my focus ‘off the food on the van’ and give my body all the nutrients it actually needs throughout the day, without just ‘not eating’ because in the past this has just triggered bulimia after my evening meal. 

Last week, I followed the plan for three days, and for this one four. I think four will be good for me, so that I can eat something as a treat one of the working days. 

I am being monitored properly. Because this is a big decision for me, and one where I do need the emotional support and watching from a professional. 

We’ve chatted about a goal and once I’ve reached that goal, then I’ll move my intake up slightly so that it will stay steady. But for the most part, it’s really to try and stop the rubbish I’m just continuing to eat while driving, and it includes breakfast which is something I wasn’t doing anymore. 

Weekends… well I’m not going to change much there. I’ve still had the breakfast start to the day. But lunch and dinner with hubby will be required. And I am not giving up alcohol… so ner… lol 


In other news, even though I was supposed to be off work this week. I’ve managed to get a good few things done. 

Editing with EJ is so much easier on my macbook. And I’m really happy with it, although it’s taken some getting used too. 

The fish, are trying to spawn again. Jeeze… but all is well. 

And Bobby, is turning into right a little character. Love him to bits. He’s sitting watching everything I do. 

Well must get back to it. 

Catch you soon. 

Dawn x x 

Catch up.

It’s been a tough month over here. Things were working out great and then as usual, seems summer and the warmer weather strikes and then all kinds of things started to go pear shaped. 


First we had a wonderful house guest. Sparky a Congo African Grey. We took her on because my husband really had wanted Bobby to be his best mate, but it didn’t happen. Bobby choose me. 



The great charity we got involved with through posting a picture of Bobby on facebook was passed onto us by a mutual friend. And we first met Sparky locally and she fell in love with Paul and vice versa. 


Her favourite place in the house…. 




So after a very long wait and a home visit as I stated we brought her home. She was great with us for the first week and then as she settled she started biting. I’m not talking about little bites either. 


Paul could do anything with her and I also did at first, but then she started to refuse to go back into her cage from your hand. And we had to resort to a stick/perch. This was okay till the day she decided on me to run up the stick to attack me. 


Bobby was also very jealous, we couldn’t have him out with her in the room as he’d go to close to her. 


She also decided that even though she was a man’s bird, she wanted me out of our house. She wouldn’t do anything with Paul when I was there. All she wanted to do was sit on me, and be with me. Also not fair to Bobby because he also choose me. 



It was a very difficult decision and although she was only with us three weeks. She had a space in my heart despite the biting. He whistles and calls are still missed now. But she wasn’t for us. She went back to the charity and we have been told she’s now in a different location and doing very well. 


At the end of the day we were thinking of her happiness and hope that she will find her forever home. 


Bobby on the other hand is doing really well, growing in character every day. 




The other things that have not helped are all the ‘vehicle’ problems we’ve been having. One thing after another and they started to get really expensive when we were only just getting things back on track. So we’re back to square one financially. With nothing left. 


Luckily though to some extent the summer holidays are here and Paul has lots of time there to work extra hours. Anything he does will be saved then for our trip down south in August to the Koi show. 


One of the strangest things that has happened in the last month is meeting and helping out a great gentleman with his Koi. 


My husband is a cheeky person, so after seeing a filter system up a driveway stopped to ask if it was for sale. The lady said it wasn’t but that her husband was putting it on his pond. Paul tried to sell her some fish too, that’s when she mentioned about all the problems they were having with their fish. They were dying. 

Being as helpful as he was he offered my services. And when the husband rang up a few days later we went around to his house to help out. 


In the house and after meeting the son, the owner walked in. Weird as it was, he happened to be a customer of mine already with company I work for, (delivering food to their workplace) 


So, it’s been a roller coaster helping him out with his sick fish and in moving things around and doing things at home too. 


We had some big issues with our own pond with pumps failing and pipework popping off. Eek… but we’re getting back on track there too. Thankfully. 

As for my writing I had to put it on hold for a good few weeks, I’ve not had the energy or the time to put the work in, and I can’t do it if I’m overloaded because it wouldn’t be doing the story justice either. I’m hoping that August will be better and that I can put things back on track. 


Best Friends is heading into the next stage again, series 2 🙂 I’m looking forward to getting more work done on that. And all my sci fi projects are moving forward too. It’s great to be part of such good teams. Working with others is amazing. 


Work, well it’s really also taken off. My run has been doing very well and this Monday I’m heading out in a newer and bigger van. When you swap van’s it’s like moving home as you really do get used to the vehicle you drive. 


Think I’ve sort of caught you all up. I hope everyone is doing well. Missed having the time to write and so hope that I can be back at it. Catching up with the blogs I’ve missed reading too. 


Speak soon. 



A home visit. :)

Monday 10th


So, we’ve more recently found out about a Charity called Birdline. Which helps to look after any birds whose owners have gotten sick or just can’t look after them any more. I was quite shocked at some of the sad stories about these poor birds.

Anyway, the house is spotless. Bobby looks all cute. Can’t wait to meet and talk more about the charity 🙂




Update. It was cancelled last minute, there was an emergency in Lincoln. So we’ve got to wait and see when she can come back.


Tues – 11th


Oh dear. So the inevitable happened. With all the ‘spawning’ one of my younger fish has now gone red raw. It’s male, approx 4 years old. And white. (Now red) problem is, I can’t catch it till the water starts to clear.

WE finally got the bulbs working last night, so I have my fingers crossed for that.

Problem is the PH has been slowly creeping up as well and after the problems last year with it yuk…. it’s stable but at the very high end. 9

I’ve started to add a little bicarb in to help. But what can I do with this poor fishy 

Uggggghhhhh bar drain the whole pond to try and catch it, I don’t know.




PH at present is 9.

GH is 7

KH is 6

Tap water at present is 6.5, but used to settle at 8 – 8.4 over 48 hours. I always, always have problems with it. The water is like ‘grass’ you really can’t see anything. And that is why I think the ph is so high because of all the green stuff.

It was exactly the same last year, even after changing the bulbs and after new quartz sleeves it cleared but took 2 weeks.

I will try and be patient with this fish and hopefully I’ll nab him. Yes, they come up for food. But it’s not easy still to try and pick him out from all the others. But I can’t let him stay like that if he’s so bad. I will have to catch him soon. The other half is home in a few hours. Might be better with two of us on the job.

In the mean time. I’ve added some algae stop, (its like pure citric acid to try and bring the ph down, last year using it once a month kept the PH really stable, but this was in august when the water was clear. 

Everything was great, till the weekend and lots of spawning action… Just hope no one else is damaged.



The bulbs have only been on for 3 months the end of last year, and off all winter. So really they shouldn’t need changing. However, if it’s not started to clear towards the end of the week. We might buy them.

Last year with new bulbs (one broken one) and new quartz sleeves and some stuff I tried to get to clear it, cost us £200 which I can’t do this year. Hopefully with some water changes and the bulbs on now and cleaned we should see some light at the end of the tunnel.

No suck luck on spotting the koi though.

Have my fingers crossed, if not might hit the whole pond with a small dose of CT and ease off on the feeding for a week.

We got to meet Kirstin on Wed, she came with a friend. 🙂 it was lovely to meet them both and talk all about the birds. Hopefully we’re well on our way to helping out a needy bird.


Drained another 5” so can leave it till on a real go slow overnight. Drained to this point today and took 5 hours on double flow through the cylinder.

The tap kh is 2 Dave… so might need to bump it a little tomorrow. But will see where the PH lies tomorrow.

At least it will drastically lower the bacteria and green water overnight. And if I need too, I can drain some more and leave it dripping all day. As the other half is back home at 9am. Through till 2… and I’m home just after three.

I do need an overflow. We were going to put one in, but the garden has a natural one running into the grass, so when it really rains in winter it just floods there, goes in our bunker and is pumped out by the sump.

Will keep you posted tomorrow and see how things are. I’ll try and grab anyone tomorrow just to take a few scrapes. And see if there is anything else lurking. We’ve got frogs also spawning in next doors pond even though we told them they were dangerous for us. Sucks to be near kids….

Anyway, hope there is nothing else lurking but will know after tomorrow.

Big day for us, got a home visit for safe housing an African Grey too, along with my lil parrot Bobby, so we’ve really tried to make everything safe for all.

It’s a 110 TMC unit.

We replaced the bulbs and sleeves in Aug last year. They were on from then till Dec and then turned off.

We’ve cleaned the sleeves and both are now working as of last night.

But this is too similar to last years issues that I can’t ignore the treatment I’ve used to kill Blanketweed. As soon as that is dead, we end up with green water instead.

At present the PH has dropped .3 from 9 to 8.7 in 5 hours. So if it continues we should have another .2 or .3 drop by morning… I will post before I go to work.

Not too sure where we could put a barrel, but something to consider for next year. As we can’t continue like this.

Wed 12th
Pond is nice and full this morning.  Had a little rain overnight too.

PH is now at 7.5, so I’m going to make sure it’s not on the up for this afternoon and take it from there for a while. Looks a bit clearer. All other koi are mooching about and came over for food so they’re not that bothered.

Just need to see the smaller ones now and make sure they’re okay.

Will let you know how we get on later.

Hi there.

PH is still 7.5 so that’s good. Seneye says 8.2 but does show the drastic drop from yesterdays high 9…

Ammonia is 0.004 nitrite is nil.

Still can’t see a damned thing though and that fish, not a chance till I feed. House inspection in 40 mins, eek… Will test PH later too.

Gaz – Pond is 5000 gallons, mis-shaped. The nexus is cleaned every other day, and dropped 3 if not 4 times. Takes around 4-5 hours to refill on a slow trickle. And because of the green water, I’ve been draining a bit each day to keep the pollutants down.

Will retest later and see how things are.

Viv, Bobby is great.  munching on his veggies at the mo. Well should I say chucking them out his bowl onto the floor routing for the things he likes the most first. lol



Home visit went well.  Lets just keep our fingers crossed.