Where is the week going already?

I sort of think the week is dragging a little, but then I think well two days ago was Sunday and I was writing all day. 


Wow, sometimes it does go so fast. 


Monday was much easier in work than today has been. When the van’s day is slow, I’ve got more time to think about the food that’s on it. And it’s so easy to forget and just pick something up to eat. Hard to resist. 


However, I did try some of one of our new dishes. Half a Beef and Blackbean wrap. Very nice indeed… I had to include it on my snack list and not indulge on anything else. 


Writing wise, things went very well over the weekend. I’ve got more to do, but it’s getting better. Having a computer that ‘works’ is just amazing. No crashing, nothing. Perfect. 


Onwards to the weekend. We’ve got a week off, and we’re away to Swanley to a big Koi show. 


Kinda scared to leave my mum in charge of Bobby, as she doesn’t really like birds. But I’m sure she will be fine… eeek… I’ll still fret, he’s my baby. 



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