TSK and my goals for the rest of the year.

Hey everyone. 


I’ve got the whole day to myself, so I’m really going to knuckle down and edit. I set myself a pretty good working day. So, coffee and toast followed by clocking on at 9am. Hubby will be home at 4pm so I’ve 7 full hours. 

I’m not too sure I can take a full hit at that length, but I’m going to try. I’ll take a little time off for lunch. And then be right back at it. 


One of the worst things about being an early bird, is that you get all your big jobs done before most people are even up on a Sunday. I can never get much of a sleep in. Always awake at the same time every day. No matter where I am or what I am doing. 


I bet it will be the exact same thing when we’re on holiday next week. Oh well. Least there is plenty of writing/editing to go through. 


So, my goals really at the start of the year, and after nanowrimo were to polish this novel up and get start the process of querying this year. I do still aim to complete that polish, but my own realistic goals have to give me time in the summer for my animals. And I kinda forget through the winter how much time they really do take up. 


I’m going to strive to get through the rest of the edits needed in the next four months. If I pull my finger out. Which I have been doing. Then I think I might just make it. 


Keep your fingers crossed for me, I’m pushing on. Got Bobby for company so at least I have someone to chat too. lol 




I will report my day, later… just so you know. 


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