So busy….

Sun brings me lots of ‘outside’ things to do. 

The garden grows, the fish need more attention. EEK. I don’t know where the weeks are going. 


Editing on TSK is going really well. I can only hope that I will get it passed through this year. But, if I don’t then I will not stress over it. I’ve had a great time with the people I’ve met through writing this part of the saga. 🙂 

Hope you are all really well. Thinking of you and do hope I can post more soon… 


Dawn x 

Weeks holiday : )

I’ve had a wonderful weeks holiday. Only been around the house and pottering about. Had lots of time to spend with Bobby. And lots of time to write.

Bobby is coming along in leaps and bounds, he’s had first blood. But, I’m actually really getting him used to me. He’s no longer scared. He’s eating well and I’m so happy for him. First vet visit on wed for him. Want to check out how his wings are and his feather condition. 🙂


Here’s a pic for you….

a runner bean

with a runner bean


I had booked extra time with EJ, which was very beneficial. I learned loads this week. And I’ve finalised my first two chapters. In regards to their pacing and style. Maybe some people still won’t like it, or think there is too much stuff to come before it. But I’m happy with it. I think it’s ‘near’ there. 🙂 You can never say perfect. As writers we’re always tweaking something or another. lol

The weather has been pretty hit and miss, it’s left the garden growing well. Because of the rain and the sunshine. And it’s left my main pond green and warm 🙂

My fish are even thinking of spawning today. So it just shows how much its changed in a week. 🙂

I am very happy to say there are no problems with them, where as there was for the most part of last year. No changes and fingers crossed that it’s a nice summer.

Last day off on my hols tomorrow, and I’m glad I’ve had the rest. I’m not overly looking forward to re-joining the rat race. But I’ll be happy to get back into things.

Mum flies to spain with Frank on Friday for a week, so we’re looking after their cat for a week, he’ll just want some food and cuddles in the evening. He’s a cute cat, so I don’t mind. I’ll just have to slot him in where the rest of my pets don’t demand attention.

So, onwards to tomorrow and hopefully I’ll speak to you soon.

Been a busy week.

I can’t get past this hurdle of intense emotional, financial and weird amounts of stress. I haven’t been able to do much writing or editing, but I’ve done lots of reading and catching up with things. 

This last couple of weeks in total have just been crazy. 

This week, started out a little better. But then on Wednesday kinda went down hill. Both at work and home I broke my van at work, and then my car. 😦 

Came home and mum had been in bed all day, sick. Which isn’t like her, so then worried all day on thurs about her and the cost of our car. 

Friday and mum was no better, I called the surgery to try and get her a doctor out and to be honest they really weren’t interested. Told me some meds to get her and didn’t quite tell her some others. So at least by today she’s feeling a bit better. 

The car cost a small fortune to get fixed, but seems okay now. All fish are good. And Bobby has been out the cage again 🙂 He’s now in his new one although a little tired from all the exercise yesterday. 

Here’s a picture for you all. 🙂Image

He loved my head…. tee hee. Silly Bobby. 🙂 I was a little scared at first but he seemed happy so he stayed there for over ten mins. 

Hope everyone else is good. 🙂 

Speak soon x x 

Crazy week!


So sorry I haven’t updated much this week. It’s been very busy.

Went back to work, which was tough. The knee sort of holding up, hurts more in the afternoon than the morning after I’ve been driving all day on it.


Had to come home from work, and then we were straight out to pick our new family friend up. A collegue of my hubby’s just got himself an African Grey and the poor ringneck he bought last year was being left in his cage, so he offered him to us.

I’ve never owned a bird before, so this experience is totally new for me. I was kinda scared of them in college, because they flew about. But, seeing them be social brought me around.

I am guessing these next few weeks will be more posts about Bobby… as well as my writing and my fish. lol…


Our 15th wedding anniversary. Paul and I got together in June 1996 nearly 17 years of ups and downs. Mostly ups though 🙂

I also had a session with E.J which went very well, the more sessions I have the more I learn about story telling in a prose setting. Where as I am used to doing it in a script writing sense. This is all new to me, as is learning about ‘modifers’ present or past participles. Etc etc…


Pauls’ 53rd birthday, he had to go to work but we managed to celebrate later on.


We managed to relax a bit. Clean the ponds, check on all the fish. I actually took a few scrapes and some from the sides of the ponds to see what other creatures we have living in them. It was a pretty interesting afternoon, researching what those critters were.


We won a new cage for Bobby off Ebay so we went to pick it up from Skipton. It’s a much bigger cage, and we’re still settling him in, so it might be a while before we actually get to put him in it.

All tiny steps. One day at a time. After all it took me months to get my koi to hand feed and to be comfortable with me almost stroking them and picking them up out of the water, so I can only imagine how long it will take for us to get Bobby used to being around us.

Hope this week is a little easier on us. 🙂

Catch you soon.

Dawn x x