Last Sick day :)

Hey everyone 🙂 

Today is my official last sick day from breaking my elbow. It’s been a long road, and it’s really set me back a little. Not only the physical side of things but emotionally too. However, the good news is, I’m happy that I will soon be back at work and things this year will hopefully be vastly different. 


I must admit I wasn’t overtly happy getting on the scales this morning. But I needed to check what I’ve actually put on, and I knew I had. It’s not hard when you’re incapable of doing anything but walking to put on. I am really trying not to let that side of things get me down. I’ve agreed with a friend that we’ll do this together and that I have to shift weight put on, and weight I wanted to before that. Ideally getting to a goal which I know is good for me. I’ve a fair way to go. But our goal is similar. ED you can steer clear, this is going to be healthy. 


So as of today, I’m officially on a two week holiday 🙂 Whoo hoo. how exciting, not. It’s really not like being on holiday at all. You know that feeling when you’re so excited it’s you last day at work… well it doesn’t come close, sorry. 

I’ve two weeks to prep and get ready, so fingers crossed for me. I really wanted to get back to it sooner, but I’ll take this as good prep.

I’ve had some amazing support from here, thanks everyone. Going to make the most of my last two weeks off. 🙂 


Catch you soon. 


Dawn x x




Better day :)

Well today was much better than I thought it was going to be. Still not much sleep even though I went to bed early. It was gone 12pm when hubby came to bed, and then again I had to get up for pain killers, so was awake for a good while. 


The baby tank, our Qt hasn’t been looked at by me for a couple of days, and I was keeping a good eye on them till I broke my elbow. So going out there today I noticed a couple of red spots on two of my whiter fish. So there was me, my big pan net, and a floating net trying to catch them one handed. Lucky enough they weren’t too difficult. That wasn’t a good sign either. 


Scraped one, near where the sore was, and put it under the scope. No wonder they were sore. Skin flukes. Geeze. So only treatment I had was fluke M so in it went. 


Fingers crossed they’ll feel better soon and will be okay. Will keep you posted. 


As for everything else, well spoke to the solicitor about the accident I had. It went well, totally honest with her, we’ll see what happens. I just don’t want anyone else to go through this so it’s not nice. 


I’ve managed a little editing today, more than I have the last week. So, I’m happier in that sense. 


Couldn’t get a docs appointment, so I’ll try again tomorrow. I did however walk into the village and buy some veg soup. So I felt better doing that. Will try and aim to do it every day, then I might not panic over weight gain. Just still need to be careful. 


Pain, bearable this afternoon. Fingers crossed it is starting to heal. 🙂 


D x x