One day to go!!!

So yeah, I should be excited for the release of our show tomorrow.  ‘Best Friends’   🙂

However, I am now feeling a little nervous.

I don’t think I should be, but I can’t help it.


And it will be live on    so please follow us there too.


So, if you can follow me closely tomorrow. And we’ll all get to watch it together… Can’t wait really!


In other news.

The pond had its good dose of PP in early evening last night. And fingers crossed for them all, but my Shusui just doesn’t seem happy at all, still sulking today and now she’s flicking too. Swimming totally wrong, not like her. She’s well stressed over the treatment prob, and the costia. Just hoping it has killed them on her. Will re-scrape again to see in a couple of days.

I just hate it when there are problems like this with them. Love them to bits, but when it turns nasty it really does.

I’m on my holidays next week. A good break from the stress at work, and some time to look after myself and hopefully do some writing. I’m itching to do something, just haven’t been able to with everything going on around me. It has just been one thing after another. Some good, some not so good.

There are some other possibilities lurking around for me. Have my fingers in all kinds of pies at present. Let me just hope that one works out, and then I can tell you all about them. 🙂

Catch you soon, and will keep everyone updated on my poorly Koi… bless her.


Costia in the main pond :(

So I have thought for around the last two weekends that something hasn’t quite been right with the main pond and my big fish. I’ve taken scrapes from several koi, found nothing….


Then this last three days, my shusui who is already struggling.. she’s egg bound, has had fin rot and well she didn’t look so good on Saturday. She was sulking on the bottom of the pond.


I had thought she was just on her way out, kinder to put her to sleep than let her suffer with impacted eggs and septacemia. But I’ve very reluctant to give up, so I was thinking of transfering her to my QT tank and seeing if she responded to heat better…


Of course after a scrape…


Well the scrape showed Costia. Not in massive numbers like what was killing my babies back in July, but in enough of a number to cause concern.


So, I text a couple of my Koi Buddies. As I was preparing the treatment for the whole pond. Potassium Permanganate. PP for short.


Used it a lot in the last four years, nasty stuff. Turns the water purple and strips the oxygen out of it. But, it works… and it works well.


So the deed is almost done, nearly 2 hours in. Still purple, although got some more settling just in cast I have to top it up.


Fingers crossed for my big girl, she’s been through the wars, not the best looking fish, but I still love her 😦


Sad right now, so gonna have a beer and relax for a little while.



Best Friends airs this Wed, 17th Oct

Oh my, this really has come around…


Seems like yesterday that my best friend Melvin and I were asked to write for this series. It has been a fab experience on the whole. Not only working with a very talented writer, but me, writing comedy.


I never thought I would actually get it done and that it might be funny. Please, any comments on the day are most welcome 🙂


I am so happy, and excited, and well just about every emotion going.


So, MARK your calendars everyone. This is it!


We need all the help you can get, share it. Blog it, facebook it, tweet it, anything to help us get the word out there.  And we will be eternally happy.


Love to ya all 🙂 xx



Eating Disorders on the rise? :(

I can’t help but have had the radio on at work today and in listening to the news, my heart is saddened. Over a 16% rise in admission over the last 6 months alone in eating disorder admissions to hospital.

In one ear I am glad at least these girls and boys will be getting some of the help that they need. But then again I am saddened at this.

There is a young lady who I met at Cheadle Royal on the BBC tomorrow as she is an advocate for recovery with this disorder. I am not a spokesperson although over my 16 years, I’ve seen it all, helped all and done a lot for people like myself.

Don’t get me wrong, I am no saint. I put others before me for the most part, till it came to a head, and then I had to come first. But I did what I could and made some terrific friends along the way.

What saddens me for the most part, is the fact that the radio and person who spoke on it today seemed to blame the media, stick think photo’s and celebs, etc etc. But that is only part of the bigger picture. The bigger picture in my mind is the whole economy.  It is not only the way that people think and act, but it is how and when we deal with things that becomes the problem.

I as a big girl at school. I was forced to do everything and anything that ‘others’ perceived that I should to become a ‘healthier’ person. For my circumstances that never really happened. It only strengthened the ‘bad thoughts’ and my perspective on them.

I hope people listen to the facts and believe them. It is a growing threat on our young. Too fat or too thin, there is never a happy medium, and their should be.

Just my thoughts of the day… when it hits you most, it really does.

Recovery is possible, but it still haunts you. The world is very much like that, it likes rubbing it in your face, day in and day out.

Dawn x x

Pond build Pt 4 (finally we can add koi)

Finally we can add some koi….

Here is the pond, full, 3800 gallons.





Looks amazing!!!





So pleased with it, lots more to do though.





Love this little guy, cracking orange head too. All our original koi/fish were put in just before we got this one.




I know it isn’t clear, but the mark on his head has no gone. He’s one of our best koi and so friendly I can pick him up. 🙂 ‘Hoover’ because he just hoovers up everything you feed him.






With the bunker covered and the water feature set up, was looking great. Didn’t take long for New Pond Syndrome to set in though and the water to turn green. 😦




All planted up, nearly complete for a bit. The fishing twine above was because we had herons ‘already’ sucks…. got my best little baby 😦






Time to enjoy a beer or two 🙂