One day to go!!!

So yeah, I should be excited for the release of our show tomorrow.  ‘Best Friends’   🙂

However, I am now feeling a little nervous.

I don’t think I should be, but I can’t help it.


And it will be live on    so please follow us there too.


So, if you can follow me closely tomorrow. And we’ll all get to watch it together… Can’t wait really!


In other news.

The pond had its good dose of PP in early evening last night. And fingers crossed for them all, but my Shusui just doesn’t seem happy at all, still sulking today and now she’s flicking too. Swimming totally wrong, not like her. She’s well stressed over the treatment prob, and the costia. Just hoping it has killed them on her. Will re-scrape again to see in a couple of days.

I just hate it when there are problems like this with them. Love them to bits, but when it turns nasty it really does.

I’m on my holidays next week. A good break from the stress at work, and some time to look after myself and hopefully do some writing. I’m itching to do something, just haven’t been able to with everything going on around me. It has just been one thing after another. Some good, some not so good.

There are some other possibilities lurking around for me. Have my fingers in all kinds of pies at present. Let me just hope that one works out, and then I can tell you all about them. 🙂

Catch you soon, and will keep everyone updated on my poorly Koi… bless her.