Pond build Pt 4 (finally we can add koi)

Finally we can add some koi….

Here is the pond, full, 3800 gallons.





Looks amazing!!!





So pleased with it, lots more to do though.





Love this little guy, cracking orange head too. All our original koi/fish were put in just before we got this one.




I know it isn’t clear, but the mark on his head has no gone. He’s one of our best koi and so friendly I can pick him up. 🙂 ‘Hoover’ because he just hoovers up everything you feed him.






With the bunker covered and the water feature set up, was looking great. Didn’t take long for New Pond Syndrome to set in though and the water to turn green. 😦




All planted up, nearly complete for a bit. The fishing twine above was because we had herons ‘already’ sucks…. got my best little baby 😦






Time to enjoy a beer or two 🙂