Costia in the main pond :(

So I have thought for around the last two weekends that something hasn’t quite been right with the main pond and my big fish. I’ve taken scrapes from several koi, found nothing….


Then this last three days, my shusui who is already struggling.. she’s egg bound, has had fin rot and well she didn’t look so good on Saturday. She was sulking on the bottom of the pond.


I had thought she was just on her way out, kinder to put her to sleep than let her suffer with impacted eggs and septacemia. But I’ve very reluctant to give up, so I was thinking of transfering her to my QT tank and seeing if she responded to heat better…


Of course after a scrape…


Well the scrape showed Costia. Not in massive numbers like what was killing my babies back in July, but in enough of a number to cause concern.


So, I text a couple of my Koi Buddies. As I was preparing the treatment for the whole pond. Potassium Permanganate. PP for short.


Used it a lot in the last four years, nasty stuff. Turns the water purple and strips the oxygen out of it. But, it works… and it works well.


So the deed is almost done, nearly 2 hours in. Still purple, although got some more settling just in cast I have to top it up.


Fingers crossed for my big girl, she’s been through the wars, not the best looking fish, but I still love her 😦


Sad right now, so gonna have a beer and relax for a little while.



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