Main Pond Build Pt 1


This one I think I will post in a couple of sections. Just so I don’t lose you all. I’ll try and explain things as we go along, plenty of pictures with this one.
After planning our pond for a long time, getting in lots of quotes and talking to a nice chap who in the end we choose to help us.  We set about plotting in the garden.


With the house being in my family for the best part of 60 years, this was a strange thing to be doing. Taking on the mortgage after my nan had passed away, and sharing with my mum and her husband.


Front of the bungalow. So pretty and un-touched. Wouldn’t be for long though with us lot living there, soon to be a building site 😦 I guess it had to look bad before it got better.



Two very, very big projects, but worth it.


Here is the garden before….




                     The pampas grass was a nightmare to get out, and so prickly…






Couldn’t find one of the actual pond area to be dug up. Must have an actual photo of that rather than a ‘phone pic’


           The diggers arrive. 🙂 time for some madness.


You can just make out behind it as it takes out the first lot of conifers where the pond is going. In the square at the back of the garden.


I really meant madness too. check it out.

The digger really makes light work of everything. I was really impressed.



       After a quick 30 mins in the garden, Luke the driver of the digger had ripped out all the trees and moved them, so time to get the pond dug. The real exciting part.

More pictures to follow, hard work tracking them all down, but it is a lovely to re-visit what we went through.

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