Pond Build pt 2

This takes me so long because finding all the pictures that I want to include is just so difficult. 🙂
As you can see there was only 2ft of soil, and then the rest was solid clay. I really mean solid too. My husband who was driving the 3tonne dumper truck got stuck down the side of the house. In the end the digger driver had to dig up the side of the house down to the clay so that we could get around that problem.


We took it down to 6ft… Still wasn’t too sure if it was going to be deep enough.







Luke was really good with the digger, he loaded Paul up and off he went…. several times… this is where he got stuck though. It wasn’t good.






Only had one problem, when loading the tractor trailer, we managed to go through our internet and phone wire. Not good. £120 later.







Paul thought he would act the goat, he dug it all by hand, honest… 🙂




Finished. Finally. Doesn’t look like much, but it is big. We took 9 tractor trailer loads full out of this. at £90 a trip, it wasn’t cheap. In the end because the driver had gone through our wire, the whole day’s work came to £1000 which in total honesty wasn’t bad. We’d had prices from several other sources at much more than that.  This also included leaving the trailer overnight so we could load it up with all the trees, bushes, hedge and anything else that needed dumping. Needless to say, we also managed to fill that with the conifers etc.  A job well done by me and hubby, as no one else was around to help.




And 5am the next day and it is filling with water, all we need to do is wait and just chuck koi in, natural mud pond.



Think I am running out of picture space for this part. Loads more to come. Thanks for looking.

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