Our very first pond


Here is the very first pond we had, my husband and his friend Dave settled into its new home one fine day.

On a personal note. I will never, ever forget this day, because I got a message from a new friend who had taken a severe overdose.

I was a moderator on an internet site for Eating Disorders, and I manned it for the most part, day and night.

At that particular time, I was the only person this young woman would talk to, and I was a million miles away from her. After an hour or so, I convinced her to give me her home address, and details, then her doctors phone number. Eventually I also managed to convince them that this wasn’t a fake call. That day I saved a life.


This was the small pond after first installing.

And almost finished…

We never realized that a plastic molded liner would then float in heavy rainfall, so it was re-designed a couple of months later, and finally ended up looking like this. 🙂

For the fish, we sort of started off with too many, got a couple of small koi and sturgeon. Knowing nothing about fish at all. The sturgeon didn’t make it, so we never got anymore, think it jumped out and a cat got it, because we never found it. 😦
The koi are still happily swimming around now, from  50 gallons to 5000 gallons.


I am loving digging out all these old pictures. So much more to come.

Any comments welcome, I will return them. Where ever you are from.

Thanks for the visit.


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