:) a niche in this blogging sphere…

I’ve had chance today after the ‘project’ this morning to catch up and read through some of the blogs on this site. I have to admit, that there isn’t a great deal posted on Koi, I find this a shame. So, perhaps I do have a little niche that I can write about. And gain traffic to my blog with.
I’ll have to take a look back and see where I was and what I was blogging about at the time we started our pond build, but I can re-visit it for sure, we’re a million pictures of the whole event. It started on my husbands Birthday and lasted far too long…
Now, let me go get some pictures and see where I was in 2008, well apart from in a pretty bad place. Recovering from an Eating disorder wasn’t an easy task. That year was one of the toughest in my life. But I can say that I am grateful to have had the help I needed at the right time. Thanks.
So, let me interject some of the good things going on in my life into that era. Pictures and commentary to come. 🙂

Hope you keep coming back to read some more, and it will keep my brain ticking over and getting into gear for writing again. Nanowrimo isn’t too far ahead. November, yikes.


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