Just thought I would try and update everything that is going on…

Umm where can I start…

Ok so mum moved in over the weekend which was quite a big thing for me. Now like i knew she would, she has taken over. How I am not so sure, but she has. Yep just like that.

She hasnt really got that much stuff althought it seemed to take forever to get out of the flat. But it is all in and everything seems ok for now.

My therapy is going well and I wish it was coming to an end but not just yet, they are a little worried at the hospital that as everything is going on here, i might have a bit of a relapse. Umm i dont know….

Anyways, the pond is getting there, the concrete base is in, and thejohn the bricky is coming later today to get the block work on it, then Mike will come to help get the carpet in and sand then the liner…

I think Paul is very happy, but i am a little sad. Its costing us a lot more than i had first imagined, and with any project things seem to keep on creeping in…

I am just hoping that the rest of my money doesnt take forever to come through as we could do with it now…

Speak to you all soon, and hope you are all well.
Dawn xxx

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