So, sometimes I cant be bothered to get up and write. but here I am…

Plenty of time for that now I think.

I am looking for a change, moved house, now time to move job…

Day care yesterday was a very interesting one. Seems Shirly isnt ready for me to go down to once a fortnight just yet, she thinks at the present time, I am going through too much to be able to cope with it.
I must admit, wednesday was a bad day, mostly because Paul was working all day and all i could hear my my stupid voice telling me to not eat.
I can say that with some time to relax, i ignored it, and got up and had cereal.
So one major task accomplished this week.
Not to fall backwards when faced with something new.
I did really well.

Yan, came yesterday, and I gotta admit i love this guy to bits he has such a sense of humour, he ripped the plumber who fitted our bathroom over the weekend to bits, and now has to go about fixing this guys mistakes, plus he is fitting a new floor for us bless him.

I think this weekend is going to be really stressful, frank is picking me up after he finishes work and we are going to get the removal van, there we go straight to his to start packing stuff up so we can get them moved on sat, I dont think i am quite ready for it yet, but think i do feel much more prepared for it now.

The house over the week has been gradually cleaned from top to bottom, and i still think my mother will moan….

Oh dear….

Anyways, as for my writing, ummm better get a move on, got another chapter to write i think, then I am done with ‘life is a dream’ major accomplishment, this has been brewing ever since I met Jake all those years ago. My heart still aches for him…

Dawn xxx