think things are definatly getting a bit crazier round here.

I was supposed to have my cpa on monday, but couldnt go, was up sick all night sunday and then monday morning. Even yesterday something wasnt right.
The pond is coming along pretty well, even though my hubby has got a bit frustrated with it, and the main building works started today, wow, i can tell you… lol, young men with hardly any clothes on… I am a naughty girl…

oh well, cant help but look… am only human after all.

Been working on my latest book a lot, things have really improved there, and I am glad of that, thanks for all the support from the clan…
meant a lot.

I am entering it into a compitition for a novella so am going to fine tune it a lot before dec which is the due date.

My mum and her cat have completly settled in now, and even though things have been a bit weird, its going ok.
Spent much more than we had hoped for, on the bathroom though, and then had to rip up the floor as it was all rotten. The plumber neglected to tell us this, so now we are virtually back to square one, and have no chance of getting our cash back.
Some people just love to rip you off.

i am sure I am getting much fatter even though i probably am not, but I have a good appetite at the moment, and am working hard in the garden so i cant really moan too much. I am sure it is just ed playing games on me, I do keep thinking about going backwards slightly just to see if i can drop a few kilos quickly, but what good would it do really?


anyways, think things are going ok, am a little stressed out, as privacy has been invded on all levels, but I am sure i will live, got a few months to go yet…

Love to you all. Dawn xx