Ummm so things have changed a bit since last time I wrote, been kind of weird.

My Nan came home on Thursday, and after a hard day at the hospital, I went and stayed with her, and all day yesterday.

Paul picked me up in the bus last night, and we went for a drink with some of his work friends.

At the hospital, it went ok, portion sizes are still a bit much, I had to have desert after and it was awful.

In group therapy I started to cry again, and think I started a trend, but then afterwards, Shirley thanks me and says my openness is letting some of the other girls be honest to, she also said I had been referred to see a doctor for CBT, and she thought I would benefit more from her therapy TA. So we arranged to meet on Monday so I could start therapy with her.

I am kind of looking forward to it, as I can start to heal. But I am also not. Strange hey.

So now I have a new schedule, which will help my Nan and me I hope. Instead of coming home on the Monday and Thursday and spend the next day with her, and then Paul can pick me up, it gives me a day with her, and gives me someone to talk to.

Just need to sort the rest out with the other members of our family. At least then she will have someone with her, every day. Going to be tough but they will have to make some adjustments as I have,

Gotta go anyways, I hope you are all ok, and I am thinking of you all. Dawn xx

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