Well last night was a big let down, I spent all afternoon preparing and cooking our meal, hubby came home and his friend John turned up on time, but my friends got stuck in southport and couldnt get a taxi, and by the time they turned up at gone 8, Paul and his mate had eaten and gone..

I didnt have any as it was too late for me and I was upset.

Anyway, they had some fun laughing at some of my pics, even though Sylvia couldnt understand my film lost innocence, she watched it and said it was good ‘YEY’

I think these tablets the doc put me on to make me sleep are having a weird effect on me though, I have an awful headace, and just want to curl up and go sleep… anyway.. I did I came home from work at 12 and went to bed, lol, paul was fishing so I had the space and time, to get some well earned kip.

Tonight, am just going to open a bottle of wine, and chill out….



By kanundra Posted in netlog

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