Def the best day of the week….. Just got back from the hair dressers, had it coloured for next Friday as it was growing out, and now am chilling with a beer, waiting for hubby to get in with some tea, then he is going out to play snooker, and I am def going to get some writing done. Lol or maybe I will be too pissed, I don’t know….

Catch ya later…

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Well not felt too good today think them pills are having a great effect on my moods, have been ok, havent eaten much, 1 tin tuna and a cup of soup, but hey, am going to try later on…

My friends have done nothing but talk about next friday, what to wear and whats going to be going on..

As far as I know, they are showing five short films, and ours is one of them, there will be lots of newspaper people and loads of people from the filming business so should be great for making myself known, but that means talking to people face to face, and I dont much like that.

Besides what am i going to wear, i think i need a bag ova my head as I just aint feeling right about myself at the moment….

I need a shopping spree but i dont think that will help as I think i will just feel even worse when I see something i like and it wont fit….
I am sure i will be ok but i really need a good kick up the bum…


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