Hi everyone,

Just to let you know some of the things running round my head at the moment, and things going on in my life, Ron is coming out today which i am glad for and my nan is now home in her newly decorated house, nan went to the docs yesterday and there is nothing the can do for her with the cancer, as it has spread to her liver already, it is a slow one, so that is quite good news it means she may have another five years so they say but I am not counting my chikens yet, having a nice few days off with my hubby, we went xmas shopping today and as usual money just disappeared, I had £200 then I had none, oh well thankfully it only comes once a year and I am a bit early, but least I dont have to painc now, as I never have had any money to get any before, so oh well,


I can say though to everyone here you are the best and I wish for each and everyone of us that father xmas will get rid of all our troubles for us, if he cant do this then at least aid us in our recovery,


Stay safe everyone and strong, I am with you all in spirit day in day out  and I love you all with all my heart,


Love and hugs,



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