Hi everyone,

The board is quiet so just wanted to moan on in here for a while.

Well, work went down great this week, managed to fall out two people, (The alcoholic)and his friend, (Obviously cause I upset him) Plus her son is one of my brothers friends and they had to walk home last Saturday, cause of what my brother did.

He once again didn’t come into work and I ended up with his job again. Then he came in on wed, and I said to him I didn’t think I’d see him again and that’s why he fell out with me. He went to the hospital yesterday, and I asked him how he had got on and he asked me how I knew he gone, well nearly everyone knew by then. Then he asked me why I wanted to know, I said I was his friend, then he remarked that he wasn’t happy with what I had said wed morning.

I told him at least it was the truth I didn’t think I would see him again but he just shrugged me off and I went outside for my coffee.

I just don’t know what my head is thinking. I wish they would all take their problems and themselves somewhere else, leave me alone.

Any way I am off now for a few days relaxing so maybe when I get back things will have settled. Hi everyone.

Made it to the doctors today, and it was so hard I felt like a wreak, now that it is over though I do feel so much better,

Hubby Paul came with me and that was great, I had to wait 40 mins though and that just made me worse.

When I went in I just blurted it all out, didn’t even give the doctor time to speak.

He put me on some Flouroxatine, mild dose to try and lift the depression and help with the sleep.

Paul held my hand and on the way out asked me if I was ok, I wasn’t of course, but managed to keep a smile. I do feel better now, even managed a little dinner, didn’t want it but know my body needs it.

Any way I have to go back in a month to see how I am coping then he said he could refer me to a psychologist specialising in eating disorders. Then refer me on to a unit or something.

I hope I dont have to get that far and will really try to get back on track.

Wish me luck everyone, I need it, and thanks so much for all your support, at least I finally made it to see hi,

Take care and speak to you soon, love and hugs Dawn

Talk to you soon.

Love and hugs


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