Well the weekend was crap, will explain on another thread. As for the body wrap, my friend does them as part of her holistic therapy, you are measured everywhere, for eg my waist to start with on fri was 32inches, they draw lines on you so they know where they did it exactly and then they rub in very vigorously a body contour gel full of antitoxin fighting essential oils. Then you get wrapped in bandages. You feel like a mummy and bits stick out everywhere. Then Pat my friend wraps cling film round you as well, and then you get into a hypothermic wrap, (Like tin foil) and she puts blankets on top of you. Then you basically cook for an hour, I fell asleep. And when they take them all off and remeasure you, you can see the difference, my waist measured 31inches. It basically gets rid of excess fluid and tones up your skin, eliminating toxins with it.

If you drink water and only have a cool shower the effects can last for three days.

Hope that helps, my friend Pat really does do a good, job on wrapping you up, she has been a family friend for twenty odd years, (I still pay for the service) but she really is the best. Some of the other places don’t go to half the trouble she does, and some don’t use bandages just cling film.

Hope that helps. Take care love Dawn


Hi everyone.

Just to let you know how the wedding reception went, well to start with, when we got to the first pick up there wasn’t enough people there, Steve (the best man) told me he had put the price up to £7 per head to cover the cost of the coach as there were only half being picked up, so we were in a double Decker coach, and only had 27 on in total by the time we got there, Steve had the money and he wouldn’t give it to me.

When we got into the reception it went ok, I asked my brother Chris three times to come and see Paul and sort it out about the coach, which he didn’t.

The reception went well everyone enjoyed themselves, and at the end of the night I had to ask him again for the money, Now he had enough money to pay for the coach with what was collected in, but oh no he paid the Dj £100 and only had £50 to give me, which he didn’t give me he gave my mum and asked my mum to sort something out.

I couldn’t believe it but managed to keep my cool. We dropped everyone off and as we were getting to the last stop, one of the lads asked Paul would he go off his route as they were all going back to his house for a party. Paul declined, and this lad started kicking off then saying that he’d been paid well for doing this job and that it wasn’t on, I couldn’t take any more, and I am so surprised that Paul didn’t throw him off there and then, the others were ok about it, (It was a good 15-20 min walk for them) but Paul never got anything for doing the job, if he had known there was only going to be that many then we would have gone in our car and got a taxi home. He could have enjoyed himself then.

It was a total farce, Not only has Chris now ripped his friends off, but Paul will never have him here again and I can say I don’t want him here either. He never even had the decency to come over to us and explained that he didn’t have enough money. Why? That is just so shallow. I really am disgusted with him.

And I have a good mind to post him this email just to show what he’s done to us.

Sorry for moaning, I have just finished work as well now am tired so am going for a kip, maybe online later but I don’t know.

Take care, love to you all, posted a few pictures, I am well made up with my hair cut looks really nice.


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