Going round in circles, I seem to be, instead of being free.
Round and around, I go on this merry go round.

Merry ! go round ! pah,

Nothing merry about this, who would call this bliss!

This inner hate,
I should leave nothing to fate,
I have to make a stand, so let’s not be grand.

Hating me, I’ll never be free,

Round and around
This Merry go round…

Friends care

No matter what you’re going through,
Remember I’ll be there,
To comfort, and to hold you: just because I care.

Friendships last a life time and good ones hard to find
Reached out across this land a future we will find.

Written for Sarah Stancer.

Dawn Chapman. July 2004.

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Thanks guys,

Calmed down a bit today, thank god, I was so mad yesterday felt like I was going to blow up. Anyway Paul has been to see her today and had a good chat to her, telling her how mad I was yesterday.

Was just as mad with my brother though. Today has been a lot better though hard in work. My friend at  work, the alcoholic didn’t turn in again and it was only a week ago that he was off for a full week on a binge. Work wont put up with it for much longer, think he may lose his job this time, but there is just no helping him, even I know we all need to admit we have a problem and do our best to get help, he’s just not interested.

Anyway I hope everything is ok for you to, take care and we’ll speak soon.