Hi everyone,

Just a quick note as I won’t get on tomorrow or maybe even Sunday.

Hope everything goes ok but will let you know as soon as possible. Paul and I had a bit of a heart to heart over the whole coach business and we now know our game plan if things go wrong.

Regarding the dress that didn’t fit, well after my body wrap today, and with the weight I lost (Not a good thing) I lost 1 and a half inches from the wrap, the dress fits. And I will post some pics when I can for you to see.

I will have to take it easy tonight though, no drinking and no great big tea, I am staying in my dads and his girlfriend is a professional chef. Then tomorrow I am having my hair done and going to work for four hours, then its the do, I will also be working on Sunday as they are so desperate, so I will catch you Monday.

Take care everyone, and will speak to you soon.

Love and hugs Dawn