Hi guys,

Thanks so much for that. I feel much better today, even though I have worked so hard. Paul picked a load of car boot stuff up off one of his friends yesterday and I was up at five this morning yet again, but this time I had to go with him on the bike and help him to unpack, (Couldn’t leave him to do it on his own as there is too many vultures around) Then at 730 I left to go to work myself and worked till twelve, then went back to find him. I can’t believe he did so well. He sold £70 worth of stuff and he only paid £35 for it. There’s loads left so he’s going to have another one in two weeks. (After the wedding)

I do kind of let things get to me especially over my brother and mum, he’s always been the blue eyed boy, and it wasn’t until I actually showed my mum 6 years ago what he was like really that she decided to take no more off him. This time with the wedding I can understand, but my brother has a daughter Megan and my mum gets the rough end of the stick over her now.   Sometimes I feel so sorry for my mum as he only rings her to mind megan when no one else will and my mums expected to drop everything and mind her, sometimes she does sometimes she can’t as plans sometimes can’t be candled.

I love the letter idea, I used to do things like that but haven’t had chance lately. I keep a journal and normally write it all in there, but seem to come on here more often than write in that. Maybe I should print everything off and put in my journal then I can keep them.

Who did you send your letter to; I hope it didn’t upset everything too much.

Anyway thanks for thinking of me and I hope you are feeling ok too, take care and maybe we’ll catch up soon.

Love and hugs Dawn

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