Narrator Interview – Marie Rose

And Audio Giveaway!

I’ve had the most amazing few weeks getting to talk to several AudioBook Narrators, and this weeks interview was with Marie Rose.

TSK’s really excited to give you some insight to these very talented folk who bring authors works to life!

And if you don’t want to click the link this is also how you can find her 🙂  But yeah please click the link! it’s a great interview!

And for those who check out Marie Rose’s sites, facebook and Youtube, if you leave her a comment and me a pingback here so I can go see! She’s promised an audiobook to one of my lovely fans 🙂 How sweet is that! Get in there….

How can readers discover more about you and you work?

Book Links: (* American, UK, etc.)

The RollerCoaster of life stuff


I always feel that I should post positive stuff, you know because life for TSK and my writing is so exciting at the moment. Honestly… that side of work couldn’t be better. 🙂

But, this last week’s been one of the hardest emotionally. I can’t lie, in fact the whole month of Feb has been a roller coaster of ‘life stuff’ It’s always the way, I seem to be excelling for TSK and then the crapper hits the fan at home and well without TSK and the team I think I’d be curled up in a corner somewhere hiding from the world. I never get the chance, and for that I’ve very thankful for. The guys around me are amazing.

The life stuff –

We lost my Aunt Muriel this last week, the last living relative of my mums side of the family and after last years string of ‘death’ I had hoped that we could start off with a better year. In one way I’m glad she’s not suffering anymore but then it just makes you think about how truly short life really is, even at the age she was.  95….

Then there’s some ‘other’ problem that I can’t talk about, but a few of my closest friends know of. It makes me very sad that the world is such a cruel place and I can only ask that you think of me in kind light over the next few months, this will not be easy. But, I will support those around me, and keep on smiling, because I am a survivor. That is what we do. Smile when inside you feel like giving in.

I feel the downer side of this week is because of the time of year, and today more so because it’s an anniversary of a friends death from many years ago. The fact it’s been Eating Disorder Awareness week, always brings home that terrible pain and time of my life where I was giving up and I think that in itself has made the week harder than it might have been any other time.

The fact I’m here and doing some of the most exciting things in my life is testament that I won’t ever give up fighting. I’m fighting for other things now, things that bring me passion and joy, not just the right to ‘eat’ and barely survive.

I am hoping that March will let us breathe at least a little, our family could use some  good news…

hugs x


Discovering Audible!

Okay, okay, so I’ve had my Audible account since like last year, and whispersync and ‘read aloud’ on my kindle since I broke my arm in 2013, but I have only recently discovered that I can actually LISTEN while I’m driving.

At work, I get these spates where, to and from the bigger sites, I have 20-30 mins to listen straight.

I gotta admit, the first full book I listened to was – Constitution written by Nick Webb and Narrated, by Greg Tremblay.

My review of this is here –

But, the fact remains, I’d never done it before, and now I’m hooked. I got through a couple more books this week, and I’m onto the next. This is going to get pretty darned expensive. lol

What I’ve found more relaxing and exciting than anything is I’m also discovering new stories and ‘sub’ genres that I might not have even looked at. I don’t get anywhere as much time as I used to for reading. And my reading lists now consist more of helping out ‘other writers’ in The Ubergroup on scribophile or my other writing friends with projects they’re working on.

Of course, TSK takes a lot of my time, and so does promoting, organising things and other people. Time is so darned precious at the moment. I have to use it the best way I can, for everyone I’m involved with.

So, I’ve also just finished, Silicone Dawn, written by William Massa and narrated by Joe Hempel. Another book, I just couldn’t put down. the review of that one is here.

I’m telling you, if you travel or do anything where you can listen to a book. Audible, and these guys rock.

Love it!


Result! squee!

So yes, Bolton Comic Con was awesome, and seeing Andrew Dodd once again, was awesome… loved it.

In all a fab day out, but a long one, boy was I wiped out after all the walking about. In a good way. Enjoyed it that much, seeing all the characters, talking to the stall holders, bought some books, and some comics… and I booked to go to the Birmingham one. (though much bigger and more walking for sure) lol excited. and very excited for us to do one…. : )

I have so many ideas now, and so much to get together, but it was really good. I think TSK will do fab in that area, we’ve so much to give, great stories, characters, and art… squeeee……………

The sun is out today…. Bobby’s being hormonal…. spring is here I hope….

Back to work it is for us…. just wanted to squeee really.


Feeling better :)

After being so wiped out with a chest infection last week, I am feeling much better. This is great for me because even looking back on last year, I hit Feb and was ill… then it got better, much better.

Contains triggering talk below…. just fair warning to some of my followers.

I made the similar decision to get back on top of me, like I did last year. But in a diff way. I don’t have 5 stone to lose anymore, but I do need to cut out the crap again, almost 12 mths off Lipotrim and I’ve put a little back on, my main concern is I’m still not technically in the healthy bracket according to my doc. Sigh. But, that means I can be.

I went back on Lipotrim on Monday, to shift that last bit of weight hanging about. Get myself back in the right frame of mind and to detox after Xmas etc. Don’t think I’ve been a week without drinking so I know that will do me good. I’m not going to be on it long, maybe 4 weeks. That’s just because of how strict the diet is and that I really don’t have much to go. I’ve got to be careful I don’t upset my family after all. Even if this is for me and for my health. Hubby’s been great, he understands, so fingers crossed. If I do drop too much, I have to come off, simple, but we’ll see how it goes. Talking to lots of people this is harder the second time around, so I’m not expecting the same results at all, only time will tell.

I will admit, it’s still very difficult. But once over the first week, I’ll be fine I’m sure of it.

In regards to my projects. Things are moving along well. I got a really good review this week on TSK, the reviewer really took the time to say everything and in my mind she really understood what I was going for in writing it.

I’ve gotten the first set of script pages off to some friends on another collab project I’ve been helping on. That was a good move as I really love this gal and her work. So fingers crossed the pages are well received and we’re on the right path with it.

In regards to the TSK website, yey, it’s well underway now. The members only section has it’s first short published, and I’m excited to share the rest, as they’re just fab, not all written by me  (I might add) and that is really one of the best things about being and managing TSK now, it’s such a project that other people can write, draw, etc etc and it still fits into place, just like it was meant to. I love reading work that I didn’t write and it follows exactly those characters and how they could and would react in certain situations. It’s just amazing.

The artwork is really steaming ahead. Andrew’s just fantastic and I am thrilled to see them come together with the shorts. They show everyone visually what I see in my head and then some!

All in all it’s been a roughish start to the year, but it will be a very good one!

Keep dropping in, I’ll keep you guys posted. Book 2 is in final stages of editing! Squeee…. and working on cover ideas right now!

Love and hugs.